Saturday, October 4, 2014

Increase your chances of a successful Tatkal booking in Indian Railways

1) Login 15 mins in advance before 10 AM

2) Keep the session active by refreshing every 2 mins.
Do not click "Refresh" button. Instead keep on clicking "Home" link.

3) Sync your laptop time with IRCTC time for accurate results. IRCTC time can be found from this link (type a train number and submit. You will find IRCTC time in the bottom)

4) Fill all the form data (Name, Age etc) in advance using
Then click "I m feeling lucky"
Then Drag the "Magic Autofill" button to the IRCTC form fill window.
("Magic Autofill" button could also be dragged to Chrome Bookmarks bar to save, so in IRCTC page, just click it)

5) Most importantly have patience, Do not press "refresh" or "back" button or any other link while booking process is on.

6) Use the best network possible (office/home/remote desktop). Remember using "Remote Desktop" can cause UI lag and using
   using networks other than Home network can add to Bank validation steps.

7) Put Trains Start Point as "From" and Final destination as "To" for TATKAL. Use Station code as they are shorter.

8) Ask someone else to do the same (above) with their irctc username.

9) Don’t click on any option unless the page is fully loaded

10) Searching trains and staying on your selection before 10:00 would spoil everything. After logging in if you search your trains and stay on your preferred train selection, when you click Book option it would show a pop up “tatkal ARP not allowed before 10:00″ something like that. And It would not allow to book ticket even after 10:00.

So, exactly at 9:59/10:00 search train and do the rest of the process.

11) Keep all the payment related information (Card number/Net Banking Password/Security Ques) ready.

12) Make sure the capcha is correct in the first attempt itself.

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